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G. Yao†, F. Zhang†, F. Wang, T. Peng, H. Liu, E. Poppleton, P. Šulc., S. Jiang, L. Liu, C. Gong, X. Jing, X. Liu, L. Wang, Y. Liu, C. Fan*, H. Yan*.

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Nature Chemistry 12, 1067 (2020).


C. Simmons, T. MacCulloch, F. Zhang, Y. Liu, N. Stephanopoulos*, H. Yan*.

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Complex Assemblies and Crystals Guided by DNA.

Nature Materials 19, 694 (2020).


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Design, Optimization, and Analysis of Large DNA and RNA Nanostructures through Interactive Visualization, Editing, and Molecular Simulation.

Nucleic Acids Research 12, e72 (2020).


X. Qi, X. Liu, L. Matiski, R. Del Villar, T. Yip, F. Zhang, S. Sokalingam, S. Jiang, L. Liu, H. Yan*, Y. Chang*.

RNA Origami Nanostructures for Potent and Safe Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy.

ACS Nano 14, 4727 (2020).


X. Fu, F. Peng, J. Lee, Q. Yang, F. Zhang, M. Xiong, G. Kong, H. Meng, G. Ke*, X. Zhang.

Aptamer-Functionalized DNA Nanostructures for Biological Applications.

Topics in Current Chemistry 378, 21 (2020). 

Prior to Rutgers-Newark




Y. Zhou, X. Qi, Y. Liu, F. Zhang*, H. Yan*.

DNA Nanoscaffold-Assisted Selection of Femtomolar Bivalent Aptamers for Human α-Thrombin with Potent Anticoagulant Activity.

ChemBioChem 20, 2494 (2019). 


X. Jing†, F. Zhang†, M. Pan, X. Dai, J. Li, L. Wang, X. Liu, H. Yan*, C. Fan*.

Solidifying Framework Nucleic Acids with Silica.

Nature Protocols 14, 2416 (2019). 


C. Su, J. Weir, F. Zhang, H. Yan, T. Wu*.

ENTRNA: A Framework to Predict RNA Folding.

BMC Bioinformatics 20, 373 (2019).


Y. Xu, S. Jiang, C. Simmons, R. Narayanan, F. Zhang, A. Aziz, H. Yan, N. Stephanopoulos*.

Tunable Nanoscale Cages from Self-Assembling DNA and Protein Building Blocks.

ACS Nano 13, 3545 (2019). 


H. Jun†, F. Zhang†, S. Ratanalert, T. Shepherd, X. Qi, H. Yan, M. Bathe*.

Autonomously Designed Free-Form DNA Origami.

Science Advances 5, eaav0655 (2019). 




X. Qi†, F. Zhang†*, Z. Su†, S. Jiang, D. Han, Y. Liu, W. Chiu, P. Yin, H. Yan*.

Programming Molecular Topologies from Single-Stranded Nucleic Acids.

Nature Communications 9, 4579 (2018). 



F. Zhang†, C. Simmons†, J. Gates, Y. Liu, H. Yan*.

Self-Assembly of a 3D DNA Crystal Structure with Rationally Designed Six-Fold Symmetry.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 130, 12684 (2018). 



X. Liu†, F. Zhang†, X. Jing†, M. Pan, P. Liu, W. Li, B. Zhu, J. Li, H. Chen, L. Wang, J. Lin, Y. Liu, D. Zhao, H. Yan, C. Fan.

Complex Silica Composite Nanomaterials Template with DNA Origami.

Nature 559, 593 (2018). 


F. Hong, S. Jiang, X. Lan, R. N. Pradeep, P. Sulc, F. Zhang*, Y. Liu*, H. Yan*.

Layered-Crossover Tiles with Precisely Tunable Angles for 2D and 3D DNA Crystal Engineering.

Journal of the American Chemical Society 140,14670 (2018). 




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Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 11254 (2017). 


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DNA Origami Tiles: Nanoscale Mazes.

Nature Nanotechnology 12, 189 (2017). 


F. Zhang, H. Yan.

DNA Self-Assembly Scaled Up.

Nature 552, 34 (2017). 




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Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55, 8860 (2016). 


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Journal of the American Chemical Society 138, 10047 (2016). 


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DNA based Arithmetic Function: A Half Adder Based on DNA Strand Displacement.

Nanoscale 8, 3775 (2016). 




F. Zhang, S. Jiang, S. Wu, Y. Li, C. Mao, Y. Liu, H. Yan.

Complex Wireframe DNA Origami Nanostructures with Multi-Arm Junction Vertices.

Nature Nanotechnology 10, 779 (2015). Cover Story


X. Ye, F. Zhang, Y. Ma, L. Qi.

Brittlestar-Inspired Microlens Arrays Made of Calcite Single Crystals.

Small 11, 1677 (2015).

2014 and before



F. Zhang, J. Nangreave, Y. Liu, H. Yan.

Structural DNA Nanotechnology: State of the Art and Future Perspective.

Journal of the American Chemical Society 136, 11198 (2014). 


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Nature Communications 5, 5078 (2014).


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Self-assembly of DNA Rings from Scaffold Free DNA Tiles.

Nano Letters 13, 1862 (2013). 


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Complex Archimedean Tiling Self-assembled from DNA Nanostructures.

Journal of the American Chemical Society 135, 7458 (2013). 


F. Zhang, J. Nangreave, Y. Liu, H. Yan.

Reconfigurable DNA Origami to Generate Quasi-Fractal Patterns.

Nano Letters 12, 3290 (2012). 

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