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Welcome to Biomolecular Design Lab outreach!

Welcome to the fascinating land of DNA nanotechnology. We are here to help you learn science at home.  Now let's have fun!


Individual units form an organized structure spontaneously (e.g., geese flying in a classic V formation).


The hybridization of DNA strands rely on Watson-Crick base paring between pyrimidine and purine (A to T and C to G).

DNA origami technique is folding a long single-stranded DNA (scaffold) with the help of hundreds of short DNA oligos (staples) to a designed shape at nanoscale.

DNA nanorobots are nanostructures that are generated by DNA nanotechnology and can perform advanced functions such as movement, sensing, delivery, and even computing. 

Thank our undergraduate researcher, Shi Wang, and graduate student, Chang Leo Xu, for creating the 'Outreach' webpage. 

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